Wisp Knitting Collection – The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers

The Wisp Knitting Collection was one of my first branding, product type of photoshoot that I have done and It was an honor to be a part of. Candice, the owner of The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers is such a creative being and a lot of thought went into this project.

Each year, The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers puts out knitting catalogs that include a collection of garments knitted in the US. The knitters use the yarn created by TFDF hand dyed in Central Montana. The knitters create patterns and pieces to be considered for the catalog and only a selected few are included. I had the honor of photographing the content for Collection no. 2, the Wisp collection.

Wisp: Vision

Candice with TFDF writes, “Wisp is something that you cannot see, but only feel … Our hope is that you are to feel only the warmth of Wisp, to let the hope and light in with every stitch.”

She explained she wanted to capture the collection in an authentic way, capturing the light and beauty of the pieces, as if you could almost feel the pieces in the photo. You can feel the time and nostalgia that went into creating them. The way she describes the dream of the collection is beautiful and you should definitely get it to read it!

Photographing the Project

I met Candice and Stormy, the model in Great Falls, Montana. We drove out to Valier, Montana to a location called Rock City. It was super remote. The location did not feel like we were in Montana. I almost felt like we were in a different state or terrain. As we photographed the pieces, I noticed the intricate detail and could only imagine the time it took to hand make these garments. The light seeped through the pieces and it was almost … wispy! It was a beautiful day of creating.

The next day, I met Candice at TFDF warehouse and store to see a behind the scenes and also photograph recipe images for the catalog. She created a respiratory tea that looked so comforting and cozy!

Seeing where everything is hand-dyed and distributed was so cool and I have included some behind the scene photos below.

My Favorite Part of The Project

I have thought a lot about what my favorite part of this project was and I honestly can’t decide. I loved seeing the origin of the yarn used to create the garments. Making new connections with Montana business owners is always great and can’t wait to work with Candice and The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers again! All in all, this is a project I am proud of and can’t wait to share with you.


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