I'm a born and raised Texas girl and moved to Montana 5 years ago. I love some good Mexican food...or really any good food. I am an omnivert. I love talking to others and making friends, going to wine bars and eating charcuterie/boards drinking cocktails or finding some good live music. I also love sitting on my couch eating wings or pizza, watching Netflix/Hulu and doing nothing! I am obsessed with dachshunds and have the cutest floofy puppy on the planet! I have a wandering spirit and love traveling! I am a big country music fan and love the country life. I love country western vibes...the turquoise, dried flowers, cowboy hats...I love it all, but I can also be kind of a hippy. Farmer's markets, handmaid goods, essential oils, baskets on the walls as decorations. Hats, fedoras turquoise jewelry and boho things have become a regular in my wardrobe. 

Hey! I'm Katy


My approach to photography comes from a place of connection. No posing, no fake smiles. I want to see YOU! I want your photos to be a genuine example of your relationship: the quirks, the fun, laughter, the deep feeling of love for each other, etc. 

It's ok to be goofy and weird...you will notice very quickly that I am goofy and weird too! I will give you prompts to loosen you up and spark you to connect. From there, I guide you into different things letting you two be REAL. 

I believe that feeling comfortable is super important for looking (and feeling) relaxed and getting used to having a camera in your faces. I do my best to make sure you feel comfortable with me and you have fun! During the shoot, I might play music, we'll laugh together, dance and just have fun! ​

Now, that all applies to couple sessions and newlywed portraits, but what about the rest of the wedding? I like to shoot weddings documentary style. That means - apart from family, wedding party, and newlywed portraits - I just blend in and let the day unfold in front of my camera. I'll be around to help with whatever you need, but I won't bother you to pose a certain way. I capture what is naturally happening. 

Human connection
Experience over production
fun and goofy

Sound like your cup of sweet tea?
Awesome! Let's do this! 

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