Love is imperfect and perfect at the same time. It can be messy, fun, tough, romantic, vulnerable, goofy, breaks down all of the barriers to your heart and opens your heart to something raw and real. My mission is to capture what makes your love story real and authentic! To me, it's not just about the photos, it's about the feeling love brings. 

Romantic, Moody, Fun, Raw, Real, Imperfect...

unfold your story.

For the adventurous lovers and free spirited

Hey, I'm           !


Photographer | Creative-at-heart dreamer | Emotive story teller. 

I am a creative-at-heart dreamer. I live through other's love stories! I strive to capture connection and what makes your connection real and authentic. No posing. We laugh and smile, listen to music and have lots of fun...

We have been disappointed before and were anxious with the investment but Katy blew us away and we will treasure the memories she beautifully captured for us forever! 
- Lacey and Andrew

"We will treasure these moments.."

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